Featured Artist: Mariola Weiss

Mariola Weiss is a great artist.

Check her amazing works:

COME WITH ME tattoo flash skeleton by oldSkullLovebyMW

RAVEN and SKULL tattoo design by oldSkullLovebyMW

DEATH MOTH by oldSkullLovebyMW

... tattoo design by oldSkullLovebyMW

SISTERS tattoo design by oldSkullLovebyMW

POST MORTEM by oldSkullLovebyMW

THIRD EYE tattoo flash by oldSkullLovebyMW

Check out more of Mariola’s work through the links below:

deviantART: oldskulllovebymw.deviantart.com
facebook: facebook.com/pages/OldSkullLove-by-MW
tumblr: oldskulllovebymw.tumblr.com
shadowness: shadowness.com/oldSkullLovebyM

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